Show results 2008

This is a summary of results for our cats and the cats from S*NC's breeding.
During the year the cats have visited
73 different international FIF shows and they have been judged 142 times.

Cats from our cattery have also been shown in CFA
and WCF with excellent results, but they are not presented in this list.

Many thank's to everyone that made this fantastic year possible :-)
Summary for our cats and S*NC's cats



BOB - Best of the Best category 2


BIS - Best in Show


BIS - Best in Show Litter


BIS - Best in Show Breeding


NOM - Nominated for Best in Show 71
BIV - Best in Variety 67
HP 9
Certificate 27
EX 1 63
EX 2 33
EX 3 8
EX 4 0
EX 0


Titles for our cats and S*NC's cats



S*Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake World Winner
S*NC's Hunting High And Low Scandinavian Winner, International Premier

S*NC's Cold As Stone


S*NC's Cry Wolf Champion
Casanova de Khazad-Dm *F Champion
S*NC's Sooner or Later Junior Winner
S*NC's Sister Moonshine Junior Winner
S*NC's Words Unspoken Junior Winner
Summary for each cat



S*Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake 9xHP, 7xBIV, 9xNOM, 8xBIS, 1xBOB
Casanova de Khazad-Dm *F 1xEX3, 5xEX2, 5xEX1, 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, 4xBIV, 4xNOM, 3xBIS
Drangedal des Iles Lofoten *F 2xEX2
S*Restless Nightcrawler 2xCAP, 1xBIV, 1xNOM
S*NC's Hunting High And Low 1xEX3, 3xCAP, 3xCAPIB, 4xCAGPIB, 6xBIV, 7xNOM, 4xBIS
S*NC's Cold As Stone 1xEX2, 3xCAP, 2xCAPIB, 2xBIV, 4xNOM
S*NC's Cry Wolf 1xEX3, 1xEX2, 3xCAC, 2xBIV
S*NC's Rolling Thunder 1xCAC
S*NC's Dancing Queen 2xEX3, 5xEX2, 1xCAC
S*NC's Sooner or Later 1xEX2, 21xEX1, 17xBIV, 17xNOM, 5xBIS, 1xBOB
S*NC's Sister Moonshine 1xEX3, 4xEX2, 11xEX1, 7xBIV, 8xNOM, 6xBIS
S*NC's Words Unspoken 1xEX3, 5xEX2, 9xEX1, 9xBIV, 9xNOM, 5xBIS
S*NC's Give a Little Bit 1xEX3, 4xEX2, 2xEX1, 1xBIV, 1xNOM, 1xBIS
S*NC's Cannonball 1xEX2, 5xEX1, 4xBIV, 5xNOM, 1xBIS
S*NC's High Life 1xEX2, 6xEX1, 5xBIV, 5xNOM
S*NC's Face to Face 2xEX2, 2xEX1, 1xBIV, 1xNOM
S*NC's Oh Yeah 1xEX2, 2xEX1, 1xBIV