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The third of june 2003 was the
day of our housedelivery. Take a
look at the pictures and you can
follow howe our house and the
garden will change year by year.



Who can imagine a ......

residential district here?

The house plattform.

The first part .......

..... and the second part.

....... the roof.

At last the carport ....

..... took place.

11:th of June 2003 we mowed
in to our new house in. It will be
very interesting to see what our
garden will look like in the future.

In the summer 2005 we
decided to plant the lawn.
Of course it was the hotest
day in this summer!

Moore like a field .....

Moore like a field .....

.... than a garden.

Time for lunch-hour.

Some hours later.

At last it was done.

Kitchen garden 2005.

Echinacea purpurea

Anaphalis triplinervis
is very nice in bloom.

Our japanese garden .....

...... and the pond.

Here is our pergola.

Some of our flower bed.