World Winner 2008


Who could ever believe this should happen! Thank you, for all your congratulations in the guestbook, e-mails and phone. Thank's to everyone who was there for the great company - we will never forget this weekend!



S*NC's Sooner or Later - Ex1, BIV, NOM and 2 votes in panel
S*NC's Words Unspoken - Ex1, BIV, NOM and 1 votes in panel
S*NC's Give a Little Bit - Ex2

EC S*Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake




Here come some photos from this wekeend in Lisboa


Friday - we started with a visit at the fantastic Oceanario

Peo, Gunilla, Susanne and Lasse

Sandra & Alexandra


After the oceanario, on our way finding a place to eat lunch


Later on friday we went to a sightseeing tour in the city


Saturday - the opening of World Winner 2008

Sylla, Ylva and Lena is waiting for the judgement to start

S*Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake and Kristiina Rautio

Best in varaity

and nominated

S*NC's Words Unspoken and Kristiina Rautio

S*NC's Words Unspoken, BIV and NOM

S*NC's Give a Little Bit, with her owner Brenda


S*NC's Give a Little Bit, Ex 2 of 3.

S*NC's Sooner or Later with his owner Lena

S*NC's Sooner or Later, Ex1, BIV and NOM

S*Aristo Limaz Terry Viking and Lasse

 Viking was also nominated

 Cina with S*Wildwood's Conjac that was nominated

 S*Glömstaskogens Ivory became nominated, here with Edith

 Our Spanish friends

Sunday - the finalday

Heja Sverige!

Skål Sverige!

Sooner in the panel .....

...... together with her sister Words

Sooner got 2 votes and Words got 1 vote!

Alma in the panel

she got 5 votes of 8 and .....

...... became World Winner 2008 adult female!

World Winner 2008 adult male, GIC SW07 Sebasco's Ice Viking

WW´08 neuter female, DK Zacs Goodie

WW´08 neuter male, SW05,EP,EC S*Aristo Limaz Terrie Viking, JW, DSM

Two NFO World Winners 2008 from Sweden

Here are all the NFO World Winners 2008

And here are all the Swedish World Winners 2008

Finally, Switzerland here we come .......