WW 2007 Bratislava


The long road to our hotel

Finally our hotel

A visit at the castle in Bratislava

The view over Donau

The bridge Novy Most

Opening of the show

The show hall was very big

Many countrys were represented

Happy swedish people

Almas home during the show

Nominations for neutered males

Lasse Cajander with SW'05 IP & EC S*Aristo Limaz Terrie Viking JW

Gunilla Andersson with the winner S*Animaniacīs Terry Talebearer DSM

Dag Ellefsrud with IC S*MarīMichelīs Gazendi Gabor JW,
became Grand International Champion - Congratulations!

Nurit chooses between the adult males

Nurit Pahl here with GIC S*Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake

Li Sellgren with Purple Haze Blue Tanis, became nominated

Who is that man?

Time for the Best in show

The last preparation before the panel

Some happy winner?

Alma on the stage in panel

Terry became the best swedish NFO with 3 votes and a second place!

It's over for this time

Back at the hotel and resting in my bed

A last trip in Bratislava city

One of the biggest shoppingcenter

Grassalkovich palace

Bye, bye


Congratulations to all World Winners 2007!