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(N) FODNAHEIA'S VINETO, NFO a 09 23, MALE NEUTER, 2006-08-20


We found this beautiful guy in (N) Fodnaheia's cattery in Norway.
He is what I was looking for in many ways. There is many beatiful cats in his pedigree and
some of them are from the history. When I saw the plans on (N) Fodnaheia's Cattery,
I crossed my fingers that there must be one blue and white male born for me - and, YES there he was!
Thank you so much Linda that you let us have him living with us.

In december we went to Norway for another catshow. But this time we also was going to
meet our new little familymember Vineto. It was so nice to see him and he got a very good judgement.
He has a perfect head with a perfect straihgt profile, a very good chin and a fantastic NFO look.

We look forward to follow his development to a nice grown-up male.

In november 2007 he became father for the first time. The mother is
S*Lyckokatten's Honda.
They had three lovley girls and the litter was called the

We hope that we can take him to some shows during 2008 even though he hates to bath.
We also have plans for mating him with Singel this year.

Well, sometimes your plans don't work out as you hoped. Since Singel and Vineto
didn't mate each other, we decided to let Vineto become a neuter.

Now we hope that he will feel more calm and will enjoy the life together with our neutered cats.
After a time we realised that he not was accepted in the group. We have tried all
different kind of solutions, but in the end there was not the best for Vineto!
So we had to find a new home for him and we didnt have to search for a long time.
A good freind to us knew somebody who wanted him.
So we are happy to tell that Vineto lives a good life with Annika and her family.


Vineto was tested for HCM 2007-08-06 and his heart was normal.

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