S*NC's Nightcrawlers Norwegian Forest Cats

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S*NC's The Kinks litter


The kittens are named after songs from The Kinks

                 Sire                             PEDIGREE                            Dam                  
                 SC Ray Davies Blue Tanis*CH DVM,                                     WW'08'10'11 EC S*Just Catnap's                 
                                NFO n 09                                                         Alma Snowflake, DM, DSM, DVM                 
                  more pictures                                                                  NFO n 09 24,                   

Thank you Bert-┼ke & IrÚne for letting Alma meet beautiful Ray-Ray :-)



Name Sex Ems Borntime Birthweight Status  
S*NC's Set Me Free Male n 23 14:08 155 g Av Valdres cattery
S*NC's Lola Female n 09 23 14:58 140 g FIN*P÷rkarvan
S*NC's You Really Got Me Male n 22 15:13 141 g vom Naabufer cattery
S*NC's Waterloo Sunset Male n 03 22 15:48 148 g S*Eastwood's cattery
S*NC's Beautiful Delilah Female n 03 22 17:35 138 g Tina Hagberg Bj÷rn, Enskede