S*NC's Nightcrawlers Norwegian Forest Cats

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S*NC's Sweet litter


The kittens are named after songs from Sweet

                                       Sire                                PEDIGREE                           Dam                                 
     IC S*Eärfala's Dante                                                       IC S*NC's Cry Wolf      
NFO d 09 22                                                             
      NFO d 24    
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Thank you Elisabet for making this plan possible :-)


Name Sex Ems Borntime Birthweight Status  
S*NC's Ballroom Blitz Female d 09 23 16:30 133 gram Linda Karlsson, Arboga
S*NC's Fox On The Run Female d 09 24 17:32 145 gram Fam. Andersson, Vaxholm
S*NC's Funny Funny Female d 09 24 19:59 134 gram BR*Miadore
S*NC's Poppa Joe Male d 09 22 21:14 143 gram DK*Thanning's