What a weekend!


Thank you, for all your congratulations in the guestbook, e-mails and phone,
and thank's to everyone who was there for a great company - we will never forget this moment!



S*NC's Sooner or Later - Ex1, BIV-total, NOM and 2 votes in panel
S*NC's Words Unspoken - Ex1, BIV 3-6, NOM and 3 votes in panel

GIC S*Restless Nightcrawler - CAP
CH Casanova de Khazad-Dûm - Ex2

PR S*NC's Cold as Stone - Ex2

IP S*NC's Hunting High And Low
International Premier, BIV, NOM

Scandinavian Winner 2008


Here come some more pictures from the show on saturday ..........




........... and finally from sunday





Agneta with ''Gurra''


Special thank's to Lasse Cajander for the pictures!