S*NC's Nightcrawlers Norwegian Forest Cats

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S*NC's Roxette litter



The kittens are named after songs from the rockgroup Roxette

   IC S*Myselisia's Isor               PEDIGREE             S*Lyckokatten's Honda
NFO as 09 24                                                            NFO ns 22


Name Sex Ems Borntime Birthweight Status  
S*NC's Crash Boom Bang Male n 09 24 10:10 am 117 gram Fam. Östlings, Vallentuna
S*NC's Big L Male neuter ns 23 11:30 am 135 gram Fam. Roos, Farsta
CH S*NC's Real Sugar Female ns 23 12:00 am 124 gram S*Theodortorp's cattery