S*NC's Nightcrawlers Norwegian Forest Cats

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S*NC's Rolling Stones litter



The kittens are named after songs from Rolling Stones

                 Drangedal des Iles Lofoten*F,          PEDIGREE               CH S*NC's Cry Wolf,                      
  NFO n 02 21                                                                  NFO d 24  


Name Sex Ems Borntime Birthweight Status
S*NC's Jumpin Jack Flash Male d 03 22 10:46 142 gram S*Lynx-Lair's
S*NC's Start Me Up Male d 09 22 11:52 86 gram Fam Källskog
S*NC's Angie Female g 03 22 16:00 109 gram S*Zimexis
S*NC's Satisfaction Male d 03 22 16:20 113 gram Fam Källskog