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S*NC'S RASPUTIN, NFO n 03, MALE, 2012-03-28

When we planned the mating between our female S*Zygot's Ringhini and Casanova de Khazad-Dm,
we already knew that we could have solid kittens for the first time in our cattery.
But what we didn't know, was that we would keep one of them :-)
They were three kittens in Boney M litter, two girls and one boy. When we saw this little boy grow
into a nice cat with fantastic tecnical details together with a super temperament, we had to keep him!
Welcome our new boy S*NC's Rasputin!

Sometimes things have to change and this time was one of them. When Rasputin started to grow and became
a youngster we realised that we have to take a hard decision, to neuter him or sell him.
Since he had so much good qualities we decided to see if we could find a nice home for him
were he could stay in breed and we are so glad we did!

Good luck in your new home ''Zack'' we cant wait to se some nice kittens :-)
Thank you for taking care of him Karina in
Catwazaki cattery in Denmark.

GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)
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