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IC S*NC's MAN IN THE MIRROR, NFO d 03 22, MALE NEUTER, 2009-11-25

This litter is very special for us. We have a lot of cats in this pedigree from our cattery.
Our first cat S*Restless Nighcrawler, S*Sir Maxwell's Singel and of course
''Mirres'' mother, S*NC's Cry Wolf and his father Drangedal des Iles Lofoten.

We had a very hard decision to choose male since there was five males.
Finally we choosed ''Mirre'' since we think he got big and very nice ears, a really long tail
and a straight profile. We hope that he will develope well and it will be interested to se his
offsprings in the future when he is old enough to meet some girls.

In the beginning of 2011 he had his first litter together with our queen Alma and the result was
3 really nice boys in our Lady Gaga litter.

Since Mirre was related to most of our females we finally realized that we had no use
for him
as a stud anymore so we decided to let him be neutered in november 2012.
We hope that he will enjoy life as a happy neuter!



Mirre was tested for HCM 2011-04-29, and his heart was normal.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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