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S*ZYGOT'S RINGHINI, NFO n 09, FEMALE, 2010-09-25

We have been looking for a black and white female for a long time, so when the
kittens in S*Zygot's cattery were born I already knew that she was ment for us!

We followed her development and she ended up as a kitten with a super profile,
good chin, fantastic ears, body, bonestructure and tail.
In fact we couldn't wish for a better female. She also has a pedigree
with many nice cats that also are something new for our breeding.

In the future we will take her to catshows and we also hope that she will
have some kittens together with some of our males.

Thank's a 1000 times to Annika for letting us take care of this princess!!


She will be tested for HCM.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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