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It was a female with much of white I was looking for, but suddenly
there was a litter in
cattery des Iles Lofoten in France that I couldn't get off my mind
and specially that kitten with much of white. The problem was that it was a male, but
since he was perfect in my eyes and my heart said yes, I couldn't resist him.

Drangedal has a fantastic look, nice ears with lynx tufts and he has a very good bonestructure.
We cant wait to see how he will grow and we hope that he will develope nice.
Merci Gisèle, for given us the chance to have this beautiful white prince
living together with us.

In the future we will take him to some catshows and
we also hope that he will get the chance to mate some of our females.

At an age of 1 years old he has a really good size and his weigth is
really good for a young male. We are still waiting for him to come in coat
condition as an adult male, and when it does, we will take him to some shows again.
He has developed nice and we cant wait to see his first kittens with our girls.

There it was, 2009-11-25 the S*NC's Michael Jackson litter was born. There were six
kittens born, five males and one tortie female. We decided to keep one male, S*NC's Man In The Mirror,
in the cattery since this combination have all the cats that we have built up our breeding with.



He was tested for HCM in October 2009 and his heart was normal.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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